Sunday, December 30, 2007

In Great Harmony

Whenever i come into deep contemplation, i will truly ponder on the matter of religions. I feel quite intangible and disheartened coz there are turmoil and chaos across all religions' organizations. Don't God, Buddha and other Enlightened Souls advocate one love among all?

To me, religion is the teachings of respective enlightened founder to his/her believers in order to instil a sense of kindness, happiness, love and harmony within one self and towards others. Only through enlightenment, we can return to the ultimate origin or what we call emptiness in Buddhism.

Sometimes, i really feel quite surprised and poignant when i read those news related to religions' fraundsters using the name of religion to cheat others and commit blasphemous deeds. Furthermore, i think it is such a naive, uncultivated and disrecpectful act to critique religions others than yours. In my scheme of thing, it should be boundless across religions, as all roads lead to Rome.

All in all, i believe that we all come from the same origin, and finally we all return to the same origin. All religions are in one great harmony.

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