Monday, December 31, 2007

Retrospection and Introspection

Time elapses so fast and it reaches the last day of year 2007. Recalling those days when i just arrived Brisbane at the beginning of year 2006, it was so difficult for me to go through everyday coz i had a serious homesick and a series of mishaps maybe.

I think 2 years staying at Aussie land has gained me lots of experience and has increased my understanding and sensitivity to the realities of life and world. It has made me to become more mature, in dealing with the matter of complicated relationship between friends, and to prepare myself to the life of profession.

I feel grateful to them who had nearly push me to the abyss of perplexity and poignancy, coz they taught me to be more perseversed and tough to undertake all my future responsibilities.
On the other hand, i should be introspective to all the mistakes i have done and repent to my friends and companions for all the negligence and misunderstanding.

All in all, i hope year 2008 would be a prosperous and smooth year for me to embark on my career and rekindle my passion for life.

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