Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Fickle life, there are always ups and downs in our life, just like the waves, never ever get serene at a moment. We could not predict what will happen tomorrow and everything just seem so capricious and untouchable. Why dont we just live to the fullnest and maximum everyday as tomorrow is another new day to start off?

Definitely, putting words into deeds is never easy. Daily routine will get u insane sometimes and pressure from upper levels will defeats you utterly, till you could not breathe easily. It is life, i mean, this is the way you have to follow and tackle if u are in the society, the cruel and competitive society. I will not deny that the fittest survives.

Sometimes, we might be too obsessed by the earthly desires and be preoccupied with materialism. Who in earth does not want to live in comfort?live in affluence? To some extent, it is very true to say so provided that the importance of human relationship comes before money. Always cherish your family members and don't be indifferent to them. Never ever leave them alone even you are in troubles and pressure.

It is contradictory yet troublesome sometimes. So, we have to balance up everything to get the equilibrium of life. Always take an optimistic view and think about your family first before you do something naive. Life, that's life!

C'est La Vie.

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