Saturday, January 12, 2008

Visiting the only taoist temple in Brissie land

This plan had been in my minds for months and it came true yesterday when i had such a strong urge to get some spiritual consolation and seek some mental serenity from a sacred place. Definately, i planned to visit two temple, the first was taoist temple, Ching Song Guan, and the second was the Buddhist temple, Zhong Tian Si on a day, thinking that it was more well worth if two temple could be visited by paying once for daily ticket from Zone 1 to Zone 5. Due to some funny reason, i couldn't make it, and so i switched my visit to the first option. It took around two and a half hours from my house to the temple by sitting bus, getting train and walking. What a tiring journey! Although it drizzled after i reached the temple, it still seemed to be the most wonderful religious experience for me in oversea.

The temple really looks so quaint, though it was built in 1988 and everything inside, what i mean is those josstick urns, candle stands, ornaments, pots, altars and so on look like antiques from olden days. There are three separated important "halls" in the whole temple structure.

The first "hall" offers to the temple's protector -王灵官(Wang Ling Guan). The second "hall" offers to the Founder and Masters of one of the taoist section-(吕纯阳祖师,王重阳祖师,邱长春祖师)。 There are another two small halls at both side of the middle hall, which offer to the deity of war - 关圣帝君(Guan Sheng Di Jun) and goddess of sea - 妈祖(Mazhu)。The last hall, which also the main hall to Taoism, offer to the founders of Taoism - 三清(The Three Pure One)。In conclusion, it is the most gorgeous and also the only temple i have visited in Australia. So, take your time and pay there a visit. It worths.

Here i would like to share with you guyz some of the pics i took in the temple. Enjoy it.

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