Saturday, January 5, 2008


Yeahz, time flies so fast and now is the year of 2008. Graduation day seems to happen yesterday and i never realize that i have been at Brissie land slacking and doing nothing since the day my parents returning to Malaysia.

I must admit that i have grown fond to this place, not because of the environment and people here, but the days my companions and i struggled and underwent to strive for success. I cherish every precious moment, though there were misunderstanding and conflicts, which sometimes had made me to counterattack against them.

Some places kept leading me to a series of flashbacks, all the laughs and tears were just a glance of eyes from past. When it comes to the term called appreciation, i will truly understand it only if i lose it. Izzit the human nature, or izzit my problem and igonarance?

I will remember every moment, no matter happy or sad. It made an important lesson, which has taught me to become more mature and manly.

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