Friday, January 11, 2008

I am so hectic

I m so happy coz the day returning to Malaysia is around the corner and i couldnt even wait to get back home early. Meanwhile, I m so busy coz i have to tidy up my room, pack all my stuffs and clear all my food in the freeze, which has been frozen in it for months...Hehehehehe....
Yeahz, i m so supa dupa hyperactive, that i couldnt sleep at nite and it makes me suffered from blackeyes on the day time. Though i m tired, i still ask my friends to have some potlucks or go for a window shopping. One thing i know that i gonna miss my friends there very much soon......sob sob sob.......
Almost everday i have to cook at home, so i could finish all the food before or exactly the day i return home. Some of my housemate might think that i m a freak head, coz i made cookies yesterday till very very early on the morning. Guess wut time izzit? Hahahaha, that was 4 am.
Waoz, the sun almost rises up and i have to stop my blog here today. Otherwise, my stingy tenant will think that i m wasting her electricity by turning on all the lights while sleeping.

So long.

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