Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Alma Mater

This was my Alma Mater, University of Queensland. Most of the time, i spent it at Hawken Engineering Building with my mates. Although the facade of the building doesnt look great, the latest technologies are well equiped within.

I hung out at the Engineering Library almost everyday, just to find the books i wanted for my compiled assignments. Especially my last sem, i had to stayed back till late night at the computer lab for the drawings. Anyway, thanks to my group mates who companied me and worked at it along.

Lunch? Normally i did not have it at the Uni reflexs coz the foods sold are too expensive, except for the short break time between lectures. Otherwise, me and my friends all prefered to have lunch at the Hawken Drive, which seemed like a rendezvous to us.

Uni life? Hahahaha, actually i quite enjoyed it coz this was my first time i studied abroad. It widens my horizon and increases my sensitivity to surrounding. For my first sem, i normally spent my time at home coz it was too expensive to shopping. I always tried to convert the price of goods to Malaysian Ringgit, which was actually quite suffering and senseless. After that, i bought what i want without considering it too much. That was fun! (Don't be too indulgent. Hahaha!!!)

No wonder parents said that Uni life is the best compared to working life. I start to miss my uni life now though i havent embarked on my working life. Anyway, i hope all my friends have a very good prospect, just like the dawn, imbued with hopes and vitality.

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